Friends of Liberty United’s activities are supported by three items; the efforts of its volunteers, membership dues and donations. With the exception of FOLU’s National Implementation Team (NIT) FOLU has no paid employees. All of FOLU’s income will be dedicated to implementing its plan. When funds are available FOLU will have a full time television channel for it and its affiliated organizations use. Funds will also be used to support a Mobile Information Team (MIT) in each Federal region and to help support the efforts of its many teams and the affiliated organizations whose efforts are supportive of FOLU’s plan. The mission of the various FOLU teams is described in the FOLU plan.

Patriots unable to physically contribute by helping populate a local team, filling a leadership position, serving on an Objective Pursuit Team or in other ways but who desire to help with a financial donation are encouraged to do so. It’s often been said freedom isn’t free. Though we know the implementation of FOLU’s plan will require some money we find it worthy for to our knowledge it is the only initiative having the potential to restore our Republic. We also know the time is now or never as America is on the verge of becoming a page in history. We dare not let it be known as having been mankind’s greatest experiment in freedom. We must – and together we can – Restore Liberty’s Foundation!

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Here is a letter written by Walter Meyers, the author of the Plan that Friends of Liberty United is implementing across the country.  We hope this letter will inspire you to become the best Patriot you can be.

Fellow citizens of Arizona:   Let us never forget; America’s future will be guided by the action of its citizens.

I am Walter Myers, a Christian, father, grandfather, great grandfather, veteran who hasn’t cast aside my oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, and interim State coordinator for Friends of Liberty United (FOLU). I live in Bullhead City, Arizona.
I’m confident you know America is engaged in a spiritual battle. It is a battle of acting according to God’s will as secured for us by our Constitution or being “governed” (ruled over) according to the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto by a tyranny less susceptible to dissolution than any in mankind’s history. I am also confident we can win this battle if we chose to but the time is now or never!

To return America to being a Land of the Free we must unite and focus on a few meaningful actions. We must begin by recognizing we have but six boxes through which to bring about needed change. We have the “soap” and “mail” boxes in all their forms with which to educate and inspire our fellow citizens to join us in properly using the grand jury, trial jury, and ballot boxes to peacefully reset America on its lawful foundation. The remaining alternative is the cartridge box.

We can effectively and efficiently use the jury boxes by using an Affidavit to charge any one of the criminals responsible for our plight with a crime. All are guilty of adhering to enemies of our Constitution via acts of omission and commission. To “adhere” to an enemy of our Constitution is, by definition, Treason. By convincing our Sheriffs to honor their oath and arrest those for which she or he is presented a properly prepared Affidavit of Complaint we can rid ourselves of any criminal of our choosing.  A sample Affidavit prepared by Friends of Liberty United is available at

To responsibly use the ballot box we must assure we only elect people having the knowledge, courage, and integrity needed to effectively honor the oath they are required to take under Art, VI, Clause 3 of the Constitution. Those we elect must understand that for America to be in a position to be made great again America must be in control of its own destiny. This demands the U.S. get out of the U.N., that our monetary policy be brought out from under the 5th plank of the Communist Manifest and into compliance with Article I, Section 8:5 of the Constitution and that America and Americans be shed of the ungodly and unconstitutionally created debts we theoretically owe as a result of present policy. A questionnaire designed to help vet political candidates is also available at

At is a secure communications system that can’t be “taken down” by the Powers that Be. It is designed to satisfy many needs; one being to allow us to locate and communicate with others within our local area, county, and state who care enough about the future of their posterity and nation to help guide it. I pray you are such a person and that you will join me in helping to redirect America’s course for it isn’t only America but the entire world’s future for which we must act. If you have questions please feel free to contact me.


Walter Myers


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