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Meet the principal patriots behind the FOLU effort:

It is no coincidence that I was born on the 173rd anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.  That historic event was planned in the parlor of Benjamin Edes, who was the editor of the Boston Globe and one of my ancestors.

I am proud to say that I helped organize Sheriff Mack’s first Constitutional Sheriff’s Convention and stood with the patriots at the Bundy Ranch.  I am also proud to have created the website.

I am in my seventies and want to be a humanitarian philanthropist when I grow up.  It is my hope and prayer that if I am ever accused of being a true patriot there will be plenty of evidence to convict me.

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Keith Broaders

Larry Richardson is a two tour Vietnam Veteran who deeply loves his country, and is determined to make up for having let the political environment of the United States go to pot during his watch.  He could use the excuse that he was busy raising his children and keeping a roof over their heads and food on the table, but that would not be the whole story.  The whole truth would be that he was more absorbed in his own activities and desires, and paid little attention to what was happening in the halls of government during those years.

If you would like to know more about Larry, you can read his testimony by clicking HERE.

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From a young age, my grandfather taught me the gift of giving and the joyful feeling you got from doing good for others, which is why I thought that was normal; well, it should have been anyway. Sadly, I learned the ugly truth when my husband was wrongfully incarcerated, and it left me searching for answers to why we do not go by God’s law or the Constitution. Well, I found those answers, and my goal is to educate more people and join forces with other like-minded individuals. I have 4 children, and I want to be someone they are proud of, but more importantly, someone that God is proud of. 

Amy Dixon

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