Important Writings

These writings may be very helpful in providing you with a better grasp of various subjects in order for your presentations to be more effective:


A Paper Regarding Veterans and Their Role in Reclaiming America

‘Fellow Veterans:

We took an oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America from all enemies, foreign and domestic…”.  Thanks to you, we successfully defended it from our foreign enemies.  We didn’t do well against our domestic enemies.  We allowed them to unlawfully and systematically destroy our Constitution’s principles and procedures.  On 11/22/1994, thirty Republican governors characterized these crimes by saying “Federal action has exceeded the clear bounds of its jurisdiction under the Constitution and thus violated rights guaranteed the people.”

That’s the bad news!  The good news is that our Nation’s founders left us the tools with which to peacefully honor our oath, put a stop to this criminal ‘Federal action’, and Take America Back to its lawful foundation.  To effectively use the tools, we need unity of spirit and action among millions of responsible Americans.  Clearly, no group of Americans can do more to bring about this unity than we, America’s veterans.

The late General Raymond E. Davis, former Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, founded About Face America.  He was a friend and an affiliate and often referred to veterans as a “National Treasure.”  And we are!  We have the numbers, geographical dispersion, facilities, respect of friends and neighbors and above all the obligation to do ‘whatever it takes’ to honor our oath.  By judiciously using these assets we alone can build the team needed to realize the governors pledge “to restore to the states and the people the prerogatives and freedoms guaranteed them by the Constitution.”

Additional reasons to act can be found in the “Call2action” paper under ‘informative writings’.  Please study it.  I pray God inspires you to honor your oath by helping Take America Back to the Constitution of 1787; not the ‘annotated Constitution’ being followed by government that reflects the Supreme Court decisions designed to undermine and destroy the intent of our founders.  Please provide leadership in support of the FOLU initiative for the sake of all people of the world including our posterity who have a birthright to inherit the blessing of liberty.

Walter L. Myers
USN 1951 – 1955

Question – are MEMBERS OF THE MILITARY – PAST AND PRESENT freedom fighters or mercenaries?

From May13,1884 until 10/5/62 military enlistees took this oath, “I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”  Thereafter the oath was changed.  They now agree to “obey the orders of the President …..and the orders of the officers appointed over me” BIG DIFFERENCE!

America’s military has been used to help establish a New World Order; “a world that has a supranational authority to regulate world commerce and industry, an international organization that would control the production and consumption of oil; an international currency that would replace the dollar; a world development fund that would make funds available to free and communist nations alike; and an international police force to enforce the edicts of the New World Order;”  By definition, our world is to be a global prison whose ’warden’ will be an Imperial Oligarchy!  America’s military was – and continues to be – the core element of the “international police force” enforcing the Oligarchy’s “edicts.”  America is the greatest terrorist nation on earth and we who served or are serving were – and are – but mercenaries used to destroy our REPUBLIC & LIBERTY! It‘s time we accept that America’s real enemies are called politicians and to provide our friends and neighbors needed leadership in restoring our Republic!

The “supranational authority” referred to are the owners of the stock in banks comprising the central banks; America’s being the privately owned, deceitfully named Federal Reserve System (FED).  The unconstitutional monetary policy adopted by the FED was described in Dept. of Treasury letters dated 11/1/82 and 1/6/83.  They said “the actual creation of money always involves the extension of credit by private commercial banks” and “money to pay the interest on borrowed money comes from the same source other money comes from.”  It’s all a debt!  The only possible outcome of this system is for the FED’s owners to eventually hold title to all real wealth of their choice, a mortgage on the remainder and a claim on all future production. ‘We the People’ are in bondage and being ‘governed’ in accordance with the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto.  It is the result of too many people failing to recognize the importance of James 4:17 saying “to him that knoweth to do right and doeth it not, to him it is sin” and to honor this passage by doing what is right.  We have elected people lacking the knowledge, courage and/or integrity needed to honor their oath.  To help restore our Republic visit




Dear American veterans and Law Enforcement personnel

Yes, I supported the New World Order (NWO) being built on the ashes of our Constitution, but NO MORE!  I can’t and wouldn’t if I could as I now know the NWO will be a global prison with an Imperial Oligarchy as its warden.  I pray you – as a member of America’s law enforcement team – will learn who America’s real enemies are and faithfully honor your oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies; foreign and domestic as it’s the barrier between LIBERTY & SLAVERY.

Important facts –

The U.S. is either to be duly constituted and governed by the principles cited in its founding documents or it isn’t.  If not, an unlawful revolution has occurred as NO state has agreed to amend our form, principles or concepts of government.

Perpetual debt = Slavery

The story of economic bondage begins with the ‘money changers’ 2000 years B.C.  They issued receipts representing people’s stored valuables.  Since not everyone came for their valuables at one time the money changers found they could create more of this medium of exchange than the valuables being stored and lend it to others at interest.  Today this is called ‘fractional reserve banking’.

In 1913 Congress – though having no authority to do so – gave its authority to “coin” what we call money (it isn’t) to the deceitfully named, privately owned bank called the FED (Federal Reserve System).  Rather than monetize wealth as intended by the Constitution, the FED chose to monetize debt.

A Dept. of Treasury letter states: “the actual creation of money always involves the extension of credit by private commercial banks”.  Another says “money to pay the interest on borrowed money comes from the same source other money comes from. ”  Under this policy there is no way for Americans to pay their debts.  They must continuously go deeper and deeper in debt to have a medium of exchange.

Debt can’t pay debt!  Under this enslaving policy Americans have amassed over $100 trillion in public and private debts and only have about $7.3 trillion in liquidity to pay them.  The balance must be written off via bankruptcies and the attendant loss of mortgaged collateral.  This concentrated wealth resulted in a “supranational authority” which will eventually hold title to all real wealth of its choice, a mortgage on the rest and a claim on all future production.  Is that what you want for your family and friends?


On March 9, 1933, Congress passed the Emergency Banking Act.  It suspended our Constitution; made Americans government’s official enemies and gave the Presidency dictatorial powers.  A Senate report says “This vast range of powers…confer enough authority to rule the country without reference to normal constitutional processes.”  Do you believe Congress is so inept that they can’t solve an emergency in 80 years or is this part of a plot to overthrow our lawful government?

Being free of the delegated powers of the Constitution President Roosevelt instituted socialism under the euphemism of a “NEW DEAL.”  This was the beginning of the end of free enterprise.  The U. S. Supreme Court further undermined the Constitution by deciding the “General Welfare” clause of Art., 1, Sec. 8, should let Congress ignore its delegated powers and run this country as it pleases.

In 1945, the U.S. Senate ratified the U.N. Charter as a Treaty (it isn’t) and committed the U.S “to take joint and separate action” to comply with U.N. policies.  This climaxed the silent revolution.  In Senate testimony on 5/4/55 former American Bar Association Pres. Carl B. Rix said: “Congress is no longer bound by its Constitutional system of delegated power. Its only test is under the obligatory power to promote human rights(not our Constitutionally secured rights) Congress may now legislate as an uninhibited body with no shackles of delegated powers under the Constitution. Our entire system of delegated powers has been changed to a system of undelegated power without amendment by the people.”

A steady flow of “Treaties” and unconstitutional legislation came after ratification of the U.N Charter; UNIDO, UNESCO, PL 87-297, and perhaps most destructive of all, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which shredded our Bill of Rights!  Though some Rights became privileges it eliminated our most important right, our right to “keep and bear arms.”  Be assured some government institution(s) will pass legislation making our guns illegal under the color of law.  Why?  Because the “supranational authority” doesn’t want Americans to be capable of defending themselves or their families and friends from the raping and plundering that accompanies a country’s occupation by foreign troops.


Americans are confused.  They know something is wrong!  Our economy is in shambles.  People are losing their jobs, farms, and homes while their debts and taxes multiply.  They can’t understand why elected officials won’t fix our ‘problems’, or what they can do and our politicians and controlled media won’t tell them.  Their sense of hopelessness leads to despair, destroys their health and drives them to drugs, crime and violence.

Underlying this national suicide is the love of money and power.  The world is engaged in a spiritual battle of good vs. evil.  The outcome will be a return to God’s principles or expansion of a tyranny less susceptible to dissolution than any in history.  The NWO’s “worldwide police force” is now in place!  All law enforcement personnel are part of it!  Some were asked if they would violate our laws and God’s commandments by killing fellow Americans in order to confiscate their guns so their brothers and sister could be safely plundered.

Very few people know U.N. ‘Peacekeepers’ are in America, presumably for training.  Even less know it is called ‘Operation Cable Splicer’ and is designed to prepare military personnel to take over local, county and state governments.  And while elected officials support the NWO even the appearance of lawful government will disappear unless Americans under oath to support the Constitution do so.  It’s urgent they realize the elected and appointed revolutionaries in Washington, D.C. are the world’s most dangerous criminals who, without lawful authority, have changed our form of government to enslave mankind under a few people having an insatiable appetite for money and power.


Stopping this unlawful activity will require application of existing laws against everyone – including politicians.  We must insist the U.S. Supreme Court was correct in saying: “Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them.” (Miranda vs. Arizona)  We must bring those who have plotted, implemented with their vote, or perpetuated the effort to overthrow lawful government to justice by enforcing the laws of Title 18 of the U.S. Criminal Code. These laws and the above facts clearly show America’s greatest need is for law enforcement personnel including governors, legislatures, sheriffs, county prosecutors, and attorney Generals to enforce our lawfully constituted laws!


The UN Forces, now on US soil, will soon demand that you decide: am I a real American in the spirit of our Nation’s founders or a mercenary helping to enslave mankind for a little short term security?  Pray about it and may God give you the courage to honor your oath for only with your support can our nation begin to correct the poverty, crime, homelessness, and inordinate number of bankruptcies, etc.


You can shock your constituents into reality and have the authority and duty to do so.  Our Constitution is clear.  Ours was to be a sovereign Nation; not one to be occupied by foreign troops!  Yet, such a scenario is imminent.  Tell your constituents you might need to deputize people to help enforce Constitutional laws and to prepare them you are establishing a Local Area Security Team.  Tell them to be sure they have access to a weapon and are proficient in its use.  Once you explain the ‘why’ the public outcry for enforcement of laws identified earlier will require those helping destroy our lawfully constituted government clean up their act or be brought to justice.


Most state Constitutions say: “the supreme executive power of this state shall be vested in a governor, who shall be responsible for the enforcement of the laws of the state,” or something similar.  By exercising your power and encouraging responsible action from your county sheriffs and State Police you can insure the equitable enforcement of existing laws.  You can also help stop the federal government from pretending the U.N. Charter, documents ratified as Treaties in support of it, and the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 are Constitutional.  A lawsuit regarding the constitutionality of the U.N. is available.  It awaits a governor or legislature having the courage and integrity needed to direct their state’s Attorney General to file the suit with the Supreme Court under the Constitutional authority of Art., 3, Sec. 2-2.  A copy will be provided State Governors, House Speakers or Senate Presidents.  Send a request to Lawsuit, 2000 E Ramar #235. Bullhead City, AZ 86442.

Friends of Liberty United is cooperating with many individuals and organizations in an effort to return government to within the limits prescribed by the Constitution via State Legislatures for it’s they, as principals to the Constitution, who hold the ultimate responsibility and authority for its proper interpretation and implementation.  Should the effort result in a confrontation between our state and federal governments our law enforcement personnel must decide if Americans will again enjoy the blessings of Liberty or be slaves to an Imperial Oligarchy.

Please give your decision prayerful consideration.  It will be the most important you will ever make.

In 1962 President Kennedy said: “Those who make peaceful resolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

Peaceful restoration of lawful government demands gaining control of the Federal government.  Doing so will require state action.  To get it Americans must unite in spirit and on actions designed to restore the viability and integrity of the Grand juries authorized in the Bill of Rights, inspire State action to assure votes are counted as cast, and/or act to nullify the 17th Amendment.

The needed team is described at ¬¬-_____________. Draft legislation regarding the Jury and Ballot boxes is located at ___________ on the Friends of Liberty United web site. To help create the team register with Friends of Liberty United at _______________.


Walter Myers



     America’s government was founded on Christian principles for the purpose of securing people’s unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty and an opportunity for Happiness is unquestionable.  America’s motto is “In God We Trust.”  Its national hymn is “God of Our Fathers.”  Americans pledge allegiance to “one nation, under God…”; Moses symbolically presides over Congress from his location across from the Speaker of the House; the Ten Commandments are displayed above the chair of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Chief Justice and the 97th Congress declared the Bible to be the word of God in Public Law 97-280.  But just what is the Life, Liberty and Happiness we were to have?  And if our ability to enjoy them has been diminished or destroyed how did it happen and what does it mean?   To help answer this let’s turn to a dictionary. 

–  Life – is defined as the organic phenomenon that distinguishes living organisms from nonliving ones.  It is the period during which something is functional.  By this definition of Life, it begins at conception.

–  Liberty – is defined as freedom from arbitrary or despotic government or control and from external or foreign rule.  It’s an ability to be independent and free from control, interference, or obligation.  It is the freedom to think, speak and act according to choice.  Happiness is the quality or state of being happy.  It is characterized by or indicative of pleasure, joy, or contentment. 

Once upon a time America honored Biblical pronouncements such as: “Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin;” “Stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage;” “observe carefully all His commandments and His statutes which I command you today;” “ don’t get involved in usury for if you do the alien who is among you shall rise higher and higher about you, and you shall come down lower and lower…..He shall lend to you, but you shall not lend to him; he shall be the head, and you shall be the tail;” “ don’t kill;” and “Thou shall have no other God’s before me.” 

An objective comparison involving modern America’s culture with God’s instructions tells us. 

Ø The failure of Americans to “do good” has resulted in our violating God’s will/commands in many ways.  Educators don’t educate; they indoctrinate.  Law enforcement personnel – both military and civilian – do not honor their oath to enforce the Supreme Law.

Ø Elected officials do not honor their oath to uphold the Constitution.  History has shown them to be immune from the law.

Ø Americans have not stood fast in the Liberty “wherewith Christ hath made us free.”  We are now ruled by tyrants in accordance with the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto.  See

Ø We are again “entangled” with the “yoke of bondage.”  In spite of the Constitution saying Congress shall coin our money and regulate the value thereof the Department of Treasury has said “the actual creation of money always involves the extension of credit by private commercial banks” and “money to pay the interest on borrowed money comes from the same source that other money comes from;” a clear admission of usury and a road to bondage.  Today, Americans owe over $200 trillion in public and private debt and can’t repay any of it under present monetary policy; a policy that is in conformance with the 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto and one that not a single elected official has acted to correct.  John Adams said: “there are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation.  One is by the sword.  The other is by debt.”  America has been conquered!

Ø Although the 6th Commandment says “you shall not murder” America has killed millions of people in the interest of forcing other nations to accept an enslaving monetary policy such as we have.  Today, only Cuba, North Korea and Iran are without a Rothschild controlled central bank.  America is aggressively acting to force them to accept an enslaving monetary policy.

Ø In spite of the first Commandment saying “Thou shall have no other God’s before me” about 99.7% of America’s so called ‘churches’ are incorporated businesses.  They elected to have a Secretary of State be their creator.  Since a created cannot be greater than its creator, the State is god to these businesses.

Ø In the 1961 case of Torcaso v Watkins (367 U.S. 488) the U.S. Supreme Court declared Secular Humanism to be a religion. 

Is it not self-evident that America no longer honors God and that we have become a nation of sinners and hypocrites and no longer honor James 4:17 by doing what is right?  Government has removed us from our biblical mooring.  It no longer pursues the purpose for which it was created.  Rather, it is now dragging us into the global prison called the New World Order; “a world that has a supranational authority to regulate world commerce and industry, an international organization that would control the production and consumption of oil; an international currency that would replace the dollar; a world development fund that would make funds available to free and communist nations alike; and an international police force to enforce the edicts of the New World Order.” 

President Obama said the New World Order is an “international order we have worked for generations to build,” that “progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign and that ordinary Americans must surrender to the New World Order because they are too small-minded to govern their own affairs.” 

How did America’s downfall happen?  – Is it because too many people have failed to recognize the importance of James 4:17 and to honor it by doing what is right?  It would be easy to blame this failure on our educators, clergy, elected officials, and media and law enforcement personnel (including judges) as it is clear they are all complicit in the illegal government Acts responsible for destroying our biblical based foundation.  But the bottom line is that it is WE THE PEOPLE who must shoulder the blame.  By our failing to do what is right we have allowed the Federal government to “exceed the clear bounds of its jurisdiction under the Constitution” as alleged by 30 Republican governors on 11/22/94. It is self-evident these unconstitutional Acts have destroyed many people’s ability to enjoy a RIGHT and those responsible for them and their perpetuation are criminals.  Since many of the Acts have aided and abetted the Constitution’s enemies seeking the NWO the criminals are – according to the Constitution – guilty of Treason.  Living under such a despotic system is hardly in keeping with our need to stand fast in the Liberty we were to have.  (Gal 5:1) The most influential group behind America’s downfall is the Pilgrims; not those who arrived on the Mayflower, but those who control America from behind the curtain. See   

Now what?  America is suffering because of our lack of obedience to the law, both temporal and spiritual.  Only if we once again choose to obey both sets of the laws our nation was founded upon can we have any hope for survival.  Any hope of “Making America Great Again”, as President Trump has said he will do, lies with 2 Chrn 7:14; “If my people which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 

I suggest Americans should begin with a study of Deut 28.  We then need to humble ourselves and repent.  Step 3 is to put on our common sense cap and accept the need to unite in spirit and around meaningful action as faith without action is dead.  As Thomas Jefferson said, “The Constitution can protect the people only as long as the people are willing to protect the Constitution and can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are the gift of God? That they are not to be violated but with his wrath?” The time for Americans to take note of Psalm 118:8 (KJV) saying “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man” Is long overdue. 

Americans must not only repent but also make a commitment to honor James 4:17 and do what is right. They should stop supporting incorporated businesses posing as ‘churches’, accept that the Republican and Democrat parties are equally guilty of pulling America away from its biblical mooring and illegally transforming our government into one whereby we are now ruled according to the planks of the Communist Manifesto.  They must adopt ,or develop, a viable plan providing for unity of action on issues and actions of common interest while assuring everyone retains their freedom to pursue their special interests.  And above all, they must accept that faith without works is dead and engage in meaningful action. 

The facts clearly show America to be a post Christian nation.  The question is: are enough Americans willing to repent, seek God’s blessing, and unite in an effort to restore their lawful government, or is America to become but an experiment in Liberty and a page in history?


The cliché’ that “one must stand for something to avoid falling for anything” is true. And though most Americans agree “Federal action has exceeded the clear bounds of its jurisdiction under the Constitution and thus violated rights guaranteed the people” as 30 governors alleged on 11/22/94 and on the need “to restore to the states and the people the prerogatives and freedoms guaranteed them under the Constitution” as they pledged to do this goal remains elusive.  Could it be because they failed to be specific in what they want or for lack of an organized resistance?

On 10/25/10 Glen Beck said the Washington Post referred to the ‘Tea Party’ as “a movement without a compass“.  Is it really a ‘movement’ or some sincere Americans who understand America is headed in the wrong direction and in need of a course change but have no viable plan for changing it?

When the British Captain of the Serapis suggested Admiral John Paul Jones surrender he replied “I have not yet begun to fight!” So it is with America’s patriots. We have no recognized leadership or plan; a recipe for disaster. Perhaps POGO said it best; “we have met the enemy and he is us.”

Historically, Americans have gathered around special interests such as gun control, abortion, monetary and fiscal policy, immigration, etc.  Though important issues, they are SYMPTOMS of our problem and SYMPTOMS can’t be solved!  This has stifled development of a ‘collective effort by a large number of people to try to achieve something’ (a movement).  Perhaps if ’Tea Partiers’, ‘occupiers’, ‘truckers’, ‘oathkeepers’, ‘Constitutionalists’, ‘motorcyclists’, ‘Sheriffs’, ‘veterans’, and others trying to get government’s attention would adopt a “Declaration of Demands” identifying specific demands they want satisfied a movement would evolve.  Such a Declaration could help people avoid squandering their time and money on addressing symptoms and would provide a “yardstick” for judging political candidates.  Some suggested demands are:

1.  Government officials must accept that:

     a.  Government was created for the purpose of securing people’s unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty and an opportunity to pursue happiness.

     b.  no government official has – or has ever had – lawful authority to alter this purpose and any Act by government that’s diminished or destroyed anyone’s ability to enjoy a Right is unlawful and those responsible for its passage and perpetuation are guilty of one or more crimes cited in Title 18 of the US Criminal Code.!

     c.  the evidence showing Federal action has exceeded its delegated authority is clear and abundant leaving two possibilities; 1. the Constitution has been illegally replaced as the Supreme Law or 2. those responsible for the unlawful ‘action’ are guilty of usurping their delegated authority and are criminals.

     d.  President Kennedy was right when he said in 1962 that: “Those who make peaceful resolution  impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

     e.  the Constitution’s 10th Amendment saying “the powers not delegated to the United States by the  Constitution …. are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people” is incontestable evidence        that the only lawful powers of the Federal Government are those specifically enumerated in the Constitution.

     f.  the U. S. Supreme Court was correct in saying: 

This Court has regularly and uniformly recognized  the supremacy of the Constitution over a treaty” and “it would be manifestly contrary to the              objectives of those who created the Constitution, let alone alien to our Constitutional history and tradition to construe Article 6 as permitting the United States to exercise power under an                  international agreement without observing Constitutional prohibitions.” (Reid vs Covert);

a law repugnant to the Constitution is void.” (Marbury vs Madison); and

Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making legislation which would abrogate them.” (Miranda vs Arizona)

     g.  States, as the Principals to the Constitution Constitution and under the Law of Agency, hold the ultimate        responsibility and authority for assuring its proper interpretation and implementation.

2.  To Make America Great Again America must be in control of its own destiny.  Americans have a right to govern themselves; a right destroyed through illegal ‘Federal action.’  To correct these        illegal actions we demand:

     a.  The U.N.’s mission be revised or America’s U.N. membership terminated! It’s essential the U.N. be but a forum for discussing issues of international concern and that the U.N. Charter and                sovereignty destroying treaties and organizations it has spawned be nullified or repealed.

     b.  The Federal Reserve System’s policy of monetizing debt must be replaced with one meeting constitutional intent as it’s impossible to be sovereign while indebted to others. To restore a sound economy, we demand a National Economic Recovery Program be instituted that will:

     * amend, alter, or repeal the Federal Reserve Act as authorized under SECTON 31 of the Act and return America to a non interest bearing, non repayable medium of exchange meeting the spirit of the Constitution’s Art. 1, Sec. 8:5.
     * abolish some and restructure the remaining un payable debt of over $100 trillion resulting from our current unconstitutional and un Godly monetary policy.

     * resurrect the American System of Economic Independence.

     * develop and implement a tax system meeting constitutional intent.

     * institute a program leading to America’s energy independence.

     * provide a “soft landing” for those dependent on today’s socialist system.

     * downsize government to where it operates within its powers authorized by the Constitution.

3.  We demand States support our goal by:

     a.  assuring they aren’t eliminated through a Constitutional Convention or being declared bankrupt.

     b.  recognizing they aren’t satrapies of the Federal government and as Principals to the Constitution, States are responsible for its proper interpretation and implementation and that they have a fiduciary responsibility to do so.

     c.  appointing an ad-hoc committee to identify federal actions “exceeding the clear bounds of its jurisdiction under the Constitution” and assuring those responsible for all such actions are held        accountable under the law.

     d.  recognizing the fraudulent nature of the 14th and 17th amendments, that fraud has no statute of limitations, that all federal actions taken since the illegal adoption of the 14th Amendment are – in law – null and void and that states should act to assure federal senators again represent the state.

     e.  removing the Federal government from the state’s educational process, establishing a curriculum providing students true American history, and providing students handouts to not              only educate them but also their parents and neighbors.

     f.  assuring the Emergency Powers Act of 3/9/33 that made Americans the official enemies of the Federal government and gave it reason to declare a perpetual state of war and authority to operate under Emergency Powers permitting the President to function as a dictator via            Executive Orders, Presidential Decision Directives, etc. be nullified.

     g.  passing legislation that will assure votes are counted as cast.

     h.  assuring Constitutionalists have access to public broadcasting facilities within their state so there can be open and honest debate on significant issues.

     i.  passing a law requiring a Presentment from a Grand Juries authorized by the Constitution be litigated by a trial jury having full powers of subpoena and unrestricted access to evidence of its           choosing when supported by a petition signed by 5,000 voters,

     j.  assuring every government official is constitutionally qualified for her/his office.

     k.  assuring an honest and thorough investigation into the events surrounding 9/11.

     l.  using their powers of intercession and nullification to reject unlawful Federal acts resulting from a deliberate and erroneous interpretation of the Constitution.

     m.  recognize the 17th amendments was never properly ratified and must be expunged.

4.  We respectfully demand our law enforcement personnel – both civilian and military – recognize and  honor their oath of office requiring them to uphold the Constitution of 1787.

CONCLUSIONS – Whether the violations to our organic Constitution government are premeditated criminal acts, an erroneous interpretation of the Constitution’s ‘commerce’ and ‘general welfare’ clauses, the application of the adopted, though never properly ratified, 14th Amendment , the emergency Presidential power rooted in the intentional bankruptcy of America, or some other nefarious activity the facts are:

1.  fulfilling the Republican governor’s pledge requires the intent of the Constitution’s authors be enforced.

2.  enforcing Constitutional intent will require efficient and effective action by millions of people working as a team (movement) which can best – and perhaps only – be realized through a plan              providing unity, not in body, but on significant actions of mutual interest while assuring everyone involved retains their freedom to pursue their special interests.

3.  these demands or a similar set could serve as a catalyst around which people will rally and as a basis for unity on actions having the potential “to restore to the states and the people the prerogatives and freedoms guaranteed them under the Constitution.”

4.  America’s foremost problem is people’s failure to understand the importance of, and to honor James 4:17 saying “to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.”

5.  Though the United States was established as a Christian nation over 99% of our so called ‘churches’ are not first amendment churches but incorporated businesses in violation of the first        commandment.  It is doubtful God will again ‘bless America’ so long as this violation continues.  To again enjoy God’s blessing we must have a national repentance and elect God fearing people      having the knowledge, courage, and integrity needed to return America to its biblically based foundation.

Above all, Americans must unite in spirit and meaningful action for as Medori Severi said: “until we abandon our manifold private agendas and unite, we will merely be hapless observers standing at the bottom of a dark, deep pit, wistfully hoping to save the world, but really doing little more than breaking the fall of compatriots who are pushed in on top of us. Only by uniting in a common effort devoid of subjective paradigms will we be able to mold the human spirit upon which we may ascend to freedom…..”

Americans must rally around a set of demands and improve their efficiency and effectiveness by ‘teaming up’ as described for the benefit of all mankind.  If organized as a team, we the concerned could easily bypass the controlled media, recall wayward officials, assure compliance with the rule of law, and more.  America’s greatest needs are people willing to do whatever it takes to restore our Republic and who are armed with a viable plan and the tools to implement it.

Lawsuit asking the U.S. withdraw from the U.N.

In the Supreme Court of the United States of America
Washington, D.C.

the State of ___________________________ ex rel
______________________________ Case NO. ____________________

Attorney General
Mr. Butros Butros Ghali,
Secretary General of the United Nations
United Nations Building
759 United Nations Plaza
New York, New York 10017

Complaint for declaratory judgment, injunctive
And other equitable relief.

This action arises under the United States Constitution; under Articles III, and VI, as to the First Cause of action; under the XVI Amendment as to the Second Cause of Action; under Article I, Section 8 and the doctrine of separation of powers, together with Article III, Section 2 as to the Third Cause of Action; and under Article I, Section 8 as to the Fourth Cause of Action.

1. The matter in controversy exceeds $10,000, exclusive of interest and costs. This Court has jurisdiction over the action under Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution and Article VI of the Constitution in that is a case involving a treaty. Relator is the duly elected Attorney General of the State of ____________.
2. Realtor challenges Federal spending for an unconstitutional purpose. Relator says that Article 36 of the Statute of the International Court of Justice, being made an “integral” part of the United Nations treaty by Article 92 of the latter, is in conflict with and changes Article III, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution, in that said Article 36 transfers to the International Court of Justice, judicial power over “…all legal disputes concerning the interpretation of a treaty…” (Article 36 A. 2 (a)). Relator says such judicial power has, by Article III, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution, been lodged in the U.S. Judiciary. Relator says that not only is Article 36 made an “integral” part of the Treaty by Article 92 thereof, but there are Seventy (70) provisions in the Statute of the International Court, or Sixty-three percent (63%) of the One Hundred Ten (110) Treaty provisions which are so interwoven and interdependent with the U.N. Treaty, that the two cannot be separated. Accordingly, Relator says that the void character of Article 36 of the Statute renders the entire treaty void.
3. Further, Congress has, in pursuance of such void treaty, by Title 22, U.S., Code Section 287 €, authorized the disbursing officers of the U.S. Treasury department to continue making payments of U.S., tax dollars to cover annual U.N., assessments against the United States. Relator says the U.S,. Supreme Court has already held that”…there is nothing in this language (Article VI, U.S. Constitution) which intimates that treaties and laws passed pursuant to them do not have to comply with the provisions of the Constitution.” Reid v. Covert, 354 U.S. 1, (1957). Accordingly, Relator says that since the treaty is void, Title 22, U.S. Code Section 287 (e), passed pursuant to said treaty, is likewise void and therefore, the disbursing officers of the U.S. Treasury have absolutely no authority to make further payments of U.N. assessments against the United States.
4. Relator further says that the change in Article III, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution made by the conflicting U.N. treaty is no more than a proposed amendment to Article III, Section 2 which has never been adopted by two-thirds of the U.S. House of Representatives and three fourths of the State legislatures, as required by Article V of the U.S. Consti8tution. Further, Relator says the U.S. Supreme Court has already held that a treaty must be made in pursuance of the Constitutio0jn, in the case of Reid v. Covert, 354 U.S. 1, (1957), in headnote q2, as follows: “Even though Article VI of the Federal Constitution does not specifically provide that treaties must be made in ‘pursuance thereof.’ No agreement with a foreign nation can confer poser on Congress or on any other br4anch of government which is free from the restraints of the Constitution.”

1. Relator says the U.S. Senate has by Resolution 126, 83rd Congress and by Senate document 87, January 7, 1954, granted power to the United Nations to establish a United Nations Income Tax and has exempted certain employees of the United Nations from their obligation to pay the United States Income Tax on their United Nations income by authorizing the reimbursement of their United States Income Tax for the years 1946, 1947, 1948, and 1949. Relator says the grant of authority by the U.S. Senate violates the XVI Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which requires both houses of Congress so levy an income tax, and hence requires both Houses of Congress to exempt individuals from the obligation to pay their Federal Income Tax.
2. Relator further says that Senate’s grant of the taxing power to the United Nations to tax the income of U.N. employees is an unauthorized delegation of the income taxing power to a corporate or quasi-corporate person, and that said U.N. Income Tax is in conflict with Amendment XVI and is therefore void.
3. Relator further says that Senate Document 87 and Senate Resolution 126, incorporated herein by reference, granted the United Nations employees a refund or reimbursement of their Federal Income Tax paid by them for the years 1946, 1947, 1948, and 1949. United States during those four years was financing 33-1/3% of the total budget. This four-year reimbursement was therefore, to the extent of the one-third reimbursement, a restoration to the employees of their U.S. Income Tax; in effect, Senate Document 87 granted these U.N. employees an exemption for this four-year period, from their U.S. Income Tax. This one-third sum is estimated to be $6.7 million (number of employees estimated at 5,000; average salary estimated at $10,000; U.S. Income Tax rate during those four years estimated on the average of 10%), equals a U.S. Income Tax fraud estimated at $$6.7 million (one-third of the four-year Federal Tax reimbursement of an estimated $20 million). Under the Constitution, Amendment XVI, only the Congress has the power to tax income, and therefore only the entire Congress has the poser to exempt from the U.S. Income Tax. The Senate alone and the President combined, cannot lawfully do so (Reid v. Covert, 354 U.S. 1, 1957). “The prohibitions of the Constitution were designed to apply to all the branches of the National Government and they cannot be nullified by the Executive or by the Executive and the senate combined.”

1. Relator further says that Congress, by Pub. L 291, 79th Cong. (H.R. 4489, 59 Sta69 on December, 29, 1945) created the International Organizations Immunities Act (22 U.S. C 288 et seq.) in pursuance of the U. N. treaty. Further, Executive order 9698 of February 16, 1946, designated the U.N. as an International Organization entitled to the privileges and immunities of the Act. Relator says that under Article I, Section 8, the Constitution grants Congress its power to act. Nowhere in Article I has the Constitution granted to Congress the power to grant the foregoing immunities and therefore said law of Congress and Executive order 9698 are unconstitutional and void. As noted above under First Cause of Action para. 3, the Supreme Court in the Reid case ruled that “treaties and laws passed pursuant to them must comply with the Constitutio0n.” This International Organizations Immunities Act and Executive Order 9698 do not comply with Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, and are therefore void.
2. Relator further says the International Organizations Immunities Act violates the doctrine of separation of powers. Under this doctrine the legislative department of the Federal Government cannot interfere with the Judicial department by placing obstructions to the Federal Judiciary in obtaining jurisdiction over the respondent and granting him immunity from suit, unless he waives his immunity. The Supreme Court has established its Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, wherein Rule 4 declares how the Federal Courts may obtain jurisdiction over defendants in civil cases. Rule 4 does not allow a defendant to control jurisdiction of the Federal court over him by withholding his consent. Yet the Immunities Act grants respondent this power. To this extent the Immunities Act places an obstruction to the Federal Court’s jurisdiction, and is therefore a violation of the doctrine of separation of powers between the judicial and legislative department. Moreover under Rule 26 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the Court has provided for the discovery process giving the parties the right to obtain discovery of documents from each other, without their consent. Yet the Immunities Act makes the property of International Organizations inviolate. Under the Second Cause of Action, Relator alleges a “Federal Income Tac fraud, committed by the United Nations. Relator claims a constitutional right under the discovery process of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (Rule 26) to obtain respondent’s financial documents to prove this alleged income tax fraud. The Immunities Act makes these documents inviolate, and is a further example of the Act’s violation of the doctrine of separatio90n of powers between the judicial and legislative departments of the Federal Government. The Immunities Act is therefore unconstitutional and void.

Relator says the U.N. Treaty Changes the Constitution by Transferring Congress’ power to Declare War to the U.N. Security Council and that this is an unconstitutional transfer. Arti9cle 43 of the U.N. Treaty states: “All members of the United Nations … undertake to make available to the Security Council, on its call … armed forces, assistance, and facilities.” Whereas, Article I Section 8 of the Constitution states: “The Congress shall have power to declare war …” Obviously, Congress’ constitutional power to declare war has been changed and transferred to the U.N. Security Council … armed forces assistance and facilities “on the call” of said Security Council. For over 100 years our U.S. Supreme Court has declared, “A treaty cannot change the Constitution or be held valid if it is in violation of that instrument.” Foster v. Nielson, 2 Pet 314. The fact that the treaty was put into effect by the Executive Branch and the Senate in the legislative branch does not preserve the treaty. For as recently as 1957, the U.S. Supreme Court held that, “The prohibitions of the Constitution were designed to apply to all branched of the National Government and they cannot be nullified by the Executive, or by the Executive and the Senate combined.” Reid v. Covert (1957) 354 U.S. 1.

Relator further sys that the assets of the United Nations are not, at a fair valuation, sufficient to pay its debts, and the Respondent the Secretary General of the U.N. is currently making transfers of funds, reportedly in excess of half billion dollars, to so called trust funds allegedly for the retirement benefits of its employees. Relator is further informed Respondent, the Secretary General of the United Nations, is transferring or has transferred assets out of the jurisdiction of this Court, viz., to the establishment of a subsidiary United Nations operation in the Country of Chile, and Relator alleges this is also in fraud of creditors, the largest of said creditors being the United States, Relator says that unless a Receiver is appointed to take over the assets and liens of its creditors, further transfers in fraud of its creditors will continue to be made by the Secretary General of the United Nations. Admissions to the press by the Secretary General made on August 29, 1993 establish the United Nations is in fact, insolvent. On that date Mr. Butros Butros Ghali said, “The organization runs from hand to mouth.” He made this admission to the U.N. General assembly’s committee on financial matters.

It is further requested the Receiver make a finding of the amount of the alleged Federal Income Tax fraud specified in the Second Cause of Action herein alleged for the four years refund to U.N. employees of their Federal Income Tax paid for the four years 1946, 1947, 1948, and 1949; further that the Receiver be directed to order this amount of Federal Tax Refund be paid into the United States Treasury.

Wherefore, Relator respectfully prays that because this case involves, inter alia, a challenge to the constitutionality of the United Nations treaty, including the integral Statute of the International Court of Justice, that this Court enter judgment granting injunctive relief and other equitable relief as follows:
1. Issue an order declaring the United Nations Treaty to be unconstitutional and void.
2. Issue an order declaring the U.N. Income Tax to be unconstitutional because it is beyond the power of Congress to delegate its income taxing power to any person, natural corporate or international; further, that the U.S. Senate action in granting an income tax exemption from U.S. Income tax and allowing the reimbursement, violates the SVI Amendment and is therefore unconstitutional and void.
3. Issue an order declaring the disbursing officers of the U.S. Treasury shall cease making further payments to the United Nations of U.N. assessments, because Title 22 U.S. Code Sec. 287 (e) authorizing these payments was passed pursuant to a void treaty and is likewise void.
4. Issue an order declaring 22 U.S. Code Sec 288 et seq., [International Organizations Immunities Act] to be unconstitutional and void because it is beyond the powers granted to Congress by Article 1, Section 8; further because it violates the doctrine of separation of powers, and grants immunities not permissible under the Supreme Court’s original jurisdiction stripped of any immunities for these agents of foreign governments under Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution.
5. Issue an order determining the amount of unpaid Federal Income Tax due the United States, and an additional order to the respo9ndent, the Secretary General of the United Nations to make immediate payment of such income tax to the United States.
6. That the Court grant Relator his costs herein, including reasonable attorney fees to the extent permitted by law.
7. Appoint a Receiver to wind up the affairs of the U.N. and pay off all creditors, including the largest creditor, the United States.
8. That the Court grant further legal and equitable relief as thes Court may deem just and proper.


Attorney for Relator J.J. Boesel, Ret’d Judge
Special Counsel


In 1994 thirty governors alleged “Federal action has exceeded the clear bounds of its jurisdiction……” Facts prove this to be true.  If one accepts the purpose of government is to secure for us our unalienable rights then it’s axiomatic America is a lawless nation being ‘governed’ by a criminal syndicate.  It is time to enforce the Law!!  Following are a few of the Federal actions that “esceed the clear bounds of its jurisdiction”:

Every elected official has failed – and is failing – to provide Americans with Constitutionally compliant money and is ‘adhering’ to its enemies by supporting the 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto in defiance of the Constitution which by definition is Treason.

On March 9.1933, the Federal government declared ‘we the people’ to be its official enemy.

By joining the United Nations in 1945 the United States relinquished its sovereignty and ability to control its destiny.

The 17th amendment, a huge step in transforming America from a Republic to a democracy, was fraudulently introduced and adopted.

In 1938 (Erie RR v Tompkins) the Supreme Court ruled Courts should use the Uniform Commercial Code in lieu of the Constitution as the basis for their decisions.

The only possible outcome of our present ungodly and unconstitutional monetary policy is for the owners of the stock in the banks comprising the central banks to eventually hold title to all real wealth of their choice, a mortgage on the remainder and a claim on all future production. Americans are denying God’s instructions and are in economic bondage.

America is the world’s greatest terrorist nation! Its military has been – and is being – used to enforce the “edicts” of the New World Order.  Only North Korea, Iran and Cuba have yet to be forced into accepting a Rothschild central bank.

Americans are presently being governed according to the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto.

We have permitted our schools to become centers of indoctrination rather than education.

America is a lawless nation so far as politicians are concerned.  Due to the unlawful 1946 change in the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure declaring the common law Grand Juries authorized by the Bill of Rights being declared “obsolete” we the people lost our most valuable resource through which to hold elected officials accountable for their misdeeds.

Our military and civilian law enforcement personnel have – and continue – to ignore their oath.
Over 99.7% of America’s so called “churches” are incorporated businesses in defiance of the 1st Commandment.

None of the “talking heads” on TV will inform people of important truths. FOLU needs its own TV channel.

Federal Action beyond its authorized jurisdiction has contributed to both husband and wife having to work and to broken families with as many as 72% of the children in some sectors of society living in single parent households.

By Americans losing their morals and the integrity needed to honor God’s word we’ve become a post Christian nation.

We the People, by failing to “stand fast in the Liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free” are now in bondage. We have allowed our nation, birthed as a Constitution Republic founded on Biblical principles, to be cut loose from its mooring.

THE MOST DISTASTEFUL & DISGUSTING TRUTH – need, greed, and a lack of common sense have kept voters from uniting so they’d be capable of responsibly addressing these issues! It’s urgent we do so! We must and together we can hold the criminals responsible for our plight accountable and restore our Republic through the plan presented at

A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victim, and he wears their face and their garments and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. The traitor is the plague.” — Marcus Tullius Cicero, from a speech given to the Roman Senate, recorded in approximately 42 B.C. by Sallust.

New World Order – to Resist or Toe the Line?

 Fellow Americans:

Congratulations on realizing Americans must succumb to the global prison known as the New World Order or unite in fighting it by whatever means are required.  To successfully fight it ‘we the concerned’ must recognize who our Constitution’s enemies really are and organize in a way that will allow us to enjoy the blessings of unity on actions of common concern while retaining our freedom to pursue our special concerns.

While many Americans are aware of the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderbergers, Illuminati, Tri Lateral Commission and other groups holding sway over our elected officials and promoting the unlawful actions that have transformed our Republic into a nation-state of the New World Order, too few are aware of the most powerful group of all; the Pilgrims.  These ARE NOT the Pilgrims that arrived on the Mayflower but a group of the world’s wealthiest people set on owning and/or controlling the world’s entire wealth and using it to establish World Government! And though it’s easy to blame our problems on our elected officials (all of whom are guilty of treason), they are but minions of the Pilgrims. They are but traitors who lack the knowledge, courage and/or integrity to honor their oath of office. It’s the Pilgrims who are the real power behind the throne as discussed in; a lengthy writing but worthy of reading.

The Pilgrim Society holds many seats of power throughout the world whose influence and actions are well coordinated and always focused on destroying the middle class; eliminating the rich who aren’t in bed with them, and bringing all nations into the New World Order;“a world that has a supranational authority to regulate world commerce and industry, an international organization that would control the production and consumption of oil; an international currency that would replace the dollar; a world development fund that would make funds available to free and communist nations alike; and an international police force to enforce the edicts of the New World Order;” i.e., a global prison whose ’warden’ will be an Imperial Oligarchy!

The Pilgrim’s control the world’s central banks and are largely responsible for not only America’s troubles but those of the world.  The most important and perhaps only obstacles to their effort are Americans and their Constitution for as America goes so goes the world.  The world’s people hoping to stop the Pilgrim’s progress and hold them and their minions accountable must jointly develop or adopt and implement a viable plan.  The only one known to exist is that of the Friends of Liberty United.  You can view the plan be going to  The key to its implementation are the local teams.  Please give prayerful consideration to joining or creating one in order to help implement the plan.

Walt Myers

Dear Richard and Clyde et al:

I pray the Sheriffs conference is productive. I respectfully challenge the statement that the county Sheriff is America’s last hope however. I chose to side with Thomas Jefferson who said: “The People…are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”  Many objectives must be satisfied to restore our Republic that are beyond the purview or ability of Sheriffs to solve. It is ‘we the people‘ who must adopt and help implement a comprehensive plan dedicated to the restoration of our Republic.

Having planned and coordinated many conferences I’ve developed a strong opinion on the value of clearly identifying its purpose and then assuring the agenda is supportive of it. Hopefully my thoughts can be of help to you. I offer them as I know there’s been many meetings of Sheriffs regarding the unlawful activity of government and how best to hold those responsible for it accountable.

I also know the facts show the conferences failed to produce meaningful results in the sense that our Supreme Law continues to be ignored, misconstrued, and intentionally and systematically corrupted. I pray the forthcoming meeting of Sheriffs breaks this mold and results in meaningful action. I hope it produces a position paper recognizing some important facts such as those that follow, identification of action needing to be taken, and a resolution calling for the position paper to be provided every Sheriff in America.

To assure Sheriffs base their decisions on a firm foundation I suggest they begin by agreeing to the following truths. Doing so will assure they hold the legal and moral high ground.

1.      America’s Supreme Law consists of the policies and procedures cited in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution of 1787 and the Bill of Rights when interpreted in light of Government’s purpose; it being to secure people’s unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
2.      It is axiomatic that any government Act taken since the day the Constitution was ratified that has diminished or destroyed anyone’s ability to enjoy a Right is an illegal act. This fact MUST be used as a litmus test for every decision by patriotic Americans and law enforcement personnel.
3.      An illegal act taken by a legislator or created or upheld by a judge does not legitimize the act. This fact must consistently be used by the public and law enforcement personnel in making their decisions.
4.      Everyone involved in passing and/or perpetuating an unlawful act is a criminal and must be held accountable if America is to be reestablished as a nation of laws rather than to continue as an unlawful nation..
5.      The past failure of law enforcement personnel to uphold the law is why America has become a lawless nation so far as politicians and the judicial system are concerned.
6.      Though Sheriffs must play an important role in restoring America’s Republic they must recognize there are other highly important actions required to include:
Ø       America must again bless God and pray that God will again bless America.
Ø       The average American must be made to know America is morally, institutionally, philosophically and financially broke, how this transformation came about and that it is in desperate need of a course change..
Ø       There is an urgent need to plan and implement a National Economic Recovery Program.
Ø       Americans must assure they have the support of America’s military personnel.
Ø        America must be purged of all foreign ideologies and people unwilling to pledge an allegiance and honor it..
Ø        There is a need for an intense education effort dedicated to informing all Americans of the truth.

To be effective in helping restore our Republic I suggest Sheriffs consider taking these actions.
1.       Formally acknowledge they are under oath to uphold the Supreme Law; not an unlawful legislative act or judicial decree, that they have a fiduciary responsibility to their constituents to uphold the Supreme Law, and that they must do so in order to assure the residents of their County can enjoy their God given unalienable Rights.
2.      Create of a list of – and train – county residents who possess a weapon and are proficient in its use who can be deputized to help enforce the law within their jurisdiction should the need arise.
3.      Appoint a deputy to help educate the public on what lawful government would look like and the action needed to restore It. The appointee should be aware of the plan at  and refer people to it for guidance.


Walt Myers
on behalf of Friends of Liberty United

Steps to Freedom

The challenge facing God fearing, freedom loving Americans is enormous! To peacefully meet it we must cooperate and communicate with one another, retain the Constitution of 1787 as our beacon, make effective use of the soap and mail boxes in all their forms to create a team capable of: 1. Inspiring our County Sheriffs to recognize their authority and to use it to insure their Constituents are able to enjoy their unalienable Rights and 2. convince state Legislators to recognize their proper role as Principals to the Constitution and of the need to restore the integrity of the grand jury and ballot boxes so we will have the tools to peacefully hold Federal officials accountable. 

We must convince County Supervisors and state legislators to use their powers of intercession and nullification to correct unconstitutional Federal actions and to follow a few common sense steps. Since the Federal government declared itself to be the official enemy of “we the people” it has refused to listen to the cries of the people. The only alternative to responsible state action is a massive replacement of those in the Congress. If that and responsible action by our Sheriffs fails the only remaining alternative is the cartridge box. The peaceful resolution to our problem rests in supporting a National Leadership Team having a viable plan, the tools and facilities needed to implement it, and the ability to inspire people to take some vital steps. These include: 

Step 1 – The restoration of our freedom must begin by recognizing God is still in control, that our problem is a spiritual problem in that too many people have ignored the importance of James 4:17 saying “to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin” and refused to honor this passage by doing what is right. Thirty governors described a major result of this problem on 11-22-94 by agreeing: “Federal action has exceeded the clear bounds of its jurisdiction under the Constitution and thus violated rights guaranteed to the people. The government of ‘limited, delegated powers’ envisioned by the framers has become a government of virtually unlimited power.” By ignoring this we now find America to be morally, philosophically, institutionally and financially broke.

Step 2 is individual and national repentance and commitment. Americans must acknowledge and truly regret their sins, earnestly seek deliverance, discard the strange Gods so prominent within our culture, choose to honor and serve the living God, acknowledge that faith without action is dead and look for ways to engage in meaningful action. 

Step 3 is to acknowledge:

  1. A problem cannot be solved by fixing a symptom or while in a defensive mode doing damage control.
  2. It’s unrealistic to expect a group of criminals in the Federal government that have created and/or perpetuated the many ills that are a result of our problem to solve them! Still, having us plead with the Congress for help is the advice of most organizations. We must ignore them and stop voting for and financing them!!

 c. For many years thousands of organizations have tried to unilaterally solve our problem and failed. Common sense says a different approach is needed; it being unity on truly meaningful actions of mutual interest through a plan assuring everyone involved retains their freedom to pursue their special interests.

  1. To correctly assess the motives of individuals and organizations we must judge them by their walk, not their talk. Those refusing to help develop a plan and/or implement one are a part of the problem; not the solution. We must stop supporting them and assure our resources are applied to meaningful action.
  2. The institutional breakdown of our Federal government has prohibited – and will continue to prohibit – corrective action regardless of the political party in power unless forced to change by an undeniable electorate. In the past Americans have alternated between Republicans and Democrats having control of government and expected a different result. This, by definition, is insanity and must stop.
  3. The solution to our problem rests in creating a team willing to accept we have but four boxes with which to peacefully solve our problem; the “soap” and “mail” boxes in all the forms, the jury box and the ballot box. The only alternative is the cartridge box. 

Step 4 is to accept that a failure to plan is a plan to fail! It’s essential patriotic Americans plan their work and work their plan. The plan must assure those helping to implement it can pursue their special interests while working with others on actions of mutual interest. It must also assure we hold the moral high ground, recognize the need for offensive action, and be revised as innovative ideas arise and our political environment changes. 

Step 5 demands discernment and responsible action. We must be sure every individual and organization relying on our support are a part of the solution and withdraw it from those that aren’t. This includes withdrawing support from the incorporated businesses created by a Secretary of State and calling themselves a “church.” Since a created can’t be greater than its creator, the state is god to such corporations; all in violation of the First Commandment.  

Step 6 requires complying with the advice of Mr. Medori Severi who said “until we abandon our manifold private agendas and unite, we will merely be hapless observers standing at the bottom of a dark, deep pit, wistfully hoping to save the world, but really doing little more than breaking the fall of compatriots who are pushed in on top of us. Only by uniting in a common effort devoid of subjective paradigms will we be able to mold the human spirit upon which we may ascend to freedom….” 

Step 7 is to diligently practice the advice of Gillaume Pitt’s who said “every meeting, every conference, and every conversation is a failure that does not produce an army. The first requisite of an army is to subscribe to service….,” Our limited time and resources demand we capitalize on every available opportunity to build the needed “army.” 

Step 8 requires recognizing everyone is either a part of the problem or the solution in our war whose outcome will be the liberty in which Christ told us to stand fast (Gal 5:1) or slavery; that a plan demands action which only comes through individual effort; that it’s time for each of us to “choose this day whom we will serve” (Josh 24:15), and that anyone unwilling to cooperate and coordinate with others in the effort to solve our problem are asleep or motivated by fear, ego, money or a false God and are to be avoided.

Step 9 requires commitment. To be effective, people need to be an active participant on the team described at 

Step 10 is to use the Friends of Liberty communications system to locate and communicate with others in their county and state in order to create the FOLU team and for a national team to communicate with all registrants, state legislators and Sheriffs. 

Step 11 is to recognize our states, as the Principals to the Constitution and under the Law of Agency, and our Sheriffs have the authority and fiduciary responsibility to assure its proper interpretation and enforcement and that it is up to knowledgeable, freedom loving, patriotic voters to assure they exercise it. 

At this moment in time, the most important actions an individual can take are to help create a local FOLU team having liaisons with various segments of society whose mission is to educate its members and to inspire them to do what is right.

On Population Reduction

It’s been common knowledge for some time that the “Powers That Be” wish to severely reduce the world’s population. The presentation by Mike Adams at  provides an overview of one method the “Powers That Be” have in their plan to carry out this depopulation.

IF the PTB’s plan is to be derailed it will require millions of Americans uniting through a plan permitting them to work together on actions of mutual interest while retaining their freedom to pursue their special interests. The only initiative known to have such a plan is Friends of Liberty United. The plan is at .

I highly suggest you study the plan and that you give prayerful consideration to joining FOLU and helping to implement it for as America goes so will go the world. It is only we Americans and our Supreme Law that are obstacles to the full implementation of the New World Order, its population reduction plan and the many other nefarious items on its agenda. I also suggest you view .