SC Code of LAWS Title 4



County Government


Initiative and Referendum


SECTION 4‑9‑1210. Electors may propose and adopt or reject certain ordinances; submission by petition to council.

The qualified electors of any county may propose any ordinance, except an ordinance appropriating money or authorizing the levy of taxes, and adopt or reject such ordinance at the polls. Any initiated ordinance may be submitted to the council by a petition signed by qualified electors of the county equal in number to at least fifteen percent of the qualified electors of the county.   (Underlining mine, I also made the word ‘and’ appear in bold print.)


HISTORY: 1962 Code Section 14‑3790; 1975 (59) 692; 1977 Act No. 33 Section 1.

Chapter 21 – Horry County Recall Ordinance


Section 21.1.  The electors of Horry County shall have the opportunity to Demand a Recall Vote for any Elected or Appointed Official whose office is to serve solely within the boundaries of Horry County.  This shall include, but not be limited to, County Council Members, Chairman of the County Council, School Board Members, the Chairman of the School Board, and any paid members of Boards within the County.

Sec. 21.2.  Upon submission and verification of signatures of 15% of Registered Voters within the geographical boundaries of any district or area served by a targeted elected Official, or upon the submission and verification of signatures of 10% of Registered Voters in the event of a County wide Recall, or in the case of any non-elected official the Horry County Board of Elections shall schedule a Recall Election within the affected area to be held within 30 days of verification of the signatures on the Petition.  The Petition shall be submitted to the Board of Elections for verification of signatures, and the Board shall have a maximum of 30 days to verify the signatures. If the term of office for the subject of the Recall effort ends in less than 180 days from the submission of the petition, the petition is to be considered invalid.

Sec 21.3.  The election shall offer the electors the options of voting YES – The official shall be removed from office effective the date of the certification of the outcome of the Election returns, or NO – The official remains in office.  In the event the Yes votes are in a majority, the County Council shall have the option of appointing a temporary person to fill the remainder of the official’s term of office, or to hold a Special Election to fill the remainder of the term of the Recalled Official.  In the event of a Special Election, the timeline for Special Elections found in SC Code Title 7  (7-13-190) will be followed.

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