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Welcome to the Friends of Liberty United Website!

Friends of Liberty United is a community of God fearing Americans who know they are endowed with unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty, and an opportunity to pursue Happiness.  

It is evident that elected and appointed government officials have deliberately diminished and/or destroyed our ability to enjoy many of our Rights.  It is time you say enough is enough, put aside our petty differences and unite to regain control of government and reset it on its proper foundation.  This must begin at the local (lowest) level of government.  Each patriot must be willing to help others in thier endeavours and accept the help of others, this will increase the effectivness for every effort.


The GOAL of Friends of Liberty United is to insure all levels of government (federal, state, county & local) are in full compliance with the U.S. Constitution, thereby restoring to the States and the People the sovereignty and liberty guaranteed them.”

For those who are still reading this, you are just the type of Patriot we need to join with us.  Please explore how you may choose to become involved by examining the material found on this website. [as stated, this site is undergoing MASSIVE revision, please excuse the construction mess as you check it out.]


Your friends in freedom